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CleanMDM - Cloud and On-Premise Mobile
Device Management Software

CleanMDM Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a Cloud and On-Premise Solution that gives your IT teams the visibility and control required to secure, manage and monitor any devices that access corporate data.

True Control For All Your Devices

Protect Your Fleet With Proactive Security Measures

Save time and money with remote viewing and control. Diagnose and resolve issues in hours or even minutes, rather than days.

Fix Device Bugs From Anywhere

Geofence and alarm devices to activate remote lock or remote wipe in the event devices are lost or stolen to protect sensitive data.

Reduce Opex For Your Mission-Critical Devices

Remotely diagnose, debug, reset, and update devices. Advanced secure remote ADB debugging is available.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Manage Your Fleet of Devices From One Single Platform

CleanMDM software gives IT managers robust insights and security of devices running on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows 10 & Linux devices across diverse ownership models such as corporate-owned & bring your own device (BYOD).



Android Management Software

Manage diverse Android endpoints in an enterprise environment including smartphones and tablets to accelerate employee productivity.

Improve business visibility by managing Android-based point-of-sales systems and Android digital signage. Transform frontline operations with rugged devices and vehicle-mounted devices.



Windows Management Software


Power your workforce with the devices they are most familiar with. Unleash the power of Windows laptops, desktops, and Surface devices for business. Facilitate remote working and remote learning on Windows laptops provisioned by CleanMDM.



Chrome OS


Chrome OS device management is the process of on-boarding the Chrome OS devices used in organizations onto a mobile device management (MDM) solution, facilitating IT admins to manage these devices, their settings, and the data on them.



macOS Management Software


Manage and secure Linux endpoints like PCs, desktops, POS devices, and IoT devices running on Debian Ubuntu, Mint & Kali.

Perform critical actions like reboot, shutdown and wipe device data along with the ability to run Linux scripts remotely directly from the dashboard.

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    Protect Corporate Data through Device Security and Policies

    Enforce Passcode Policy

    Enforce strong password policies to protect critical company data stored on mobile devices.

    SafetyNet Attestation

    Perform Android device integrity, security, and compatibility check and assign policies accordingly.

    MDM Kiosk Mode

    IT admin can lock a device into single or multiapp Kiosk mode  and prevent access to system settings or any other apps.

    Detect Compliance Violations

    Empower the IT admin to detect any compliance violations and take appropriate actions accordingly.

    Security Incidents Monitoring

    Monitor security breaches like forceful SIM card swap or unsuccessful exit incident from the Kiosk Mode.

    Restrict Profile Removal

    Prevent users from removing MDM Profile from Apple Devices. This feature is available only on Apple DEP Devices.

    Seamless App
    Distribution and Management

    Push business apps with ease. Install applications from App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Business Store via the Scalefusion dashboard.

    Install in-house apps by uploading APK files, IPA files, PList links, PKG files, UWP files or MSI files on the Scalefusion Enterprise Store. Publish, delete or update apps without any end-user intervention.


    Modernize your devices with CleanMDM

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