Recognizing when it’s time to switch your current Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution isn’t always easy, but there are clear indicators that it might be necessary. One significant sign is that managing Android and ChromeOS devices becomes a dreaded task, whether it’s onboarding new users, deploying devices, or handling app installations and updates.

Here are some key signs that suggest it’s time to consider a new MDM solution:

  1. Absence of Zero-Touch Enrollment: If your current MDM solution lacks support for zero-touch enrollment, where devices can be enrolled remotely without physical access, it might be falling short. This feature is particularly crucial for high-volume device deployments or distributed teams.
  2. Difficulty in App Management: If buying and patching apps is cumbersome and involves individual IDs or manual processes, it’s a sign of inefficiency. A robust MDM solution should enable centralized app management and streamline app updates to enhance security and ease administrative burdens.
  3. Scoping Sprawl: While having granular control over app and settings deployment is beneficial, it can lead to complexity and confusion if not managed properly. If scoping configurations becomes overwhelming and difficult to track, it might be time to switch to a solution that offers more intuitive control mechanisms.

Making the switch to a new MDM solution requires planning and resources, but it’s a worthwhile investment if your current solution is causing frustration or consuming excessive time and resources. A well-suited MDM solution can streamline device management, enhance security, and free up resources for more strategic priorities.

About CleanMDM

Introducing CleanMDM, the specialized device management and security platform dedicated to optimizing work environments worldwide. Unlike other solutions, CleanMDM focuses exclusively on managing Android and ChromeOS devices, providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of these platforms. With CleanMDM, Android and ChromeOS devices effortlessly evolve into enterprise-ready endpoints, equipped with essential apps, configurations, and security protocols. Through cutting-edge automation and user-centric interfaces, CleanMDM promotes seamless collaboration between IT, Information Security (InfoSec), and users of Android and ChromeOS devices.

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