Elevating Android and Chrome OS Device Management: Introducing CleanMDM

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the choice of technology is pivotal. Whether driven by a specific business culture, employee demands, or the necessity of powerful tools, Android and Chrome OS devices are increasingly becoming indispensable in workplaces. Recognizing this shift, businesses are investing wisely in device management solutions to ensure security, efficiency, and seamless operation from day one. However, the ecosystem for Android and Chrome OS device management is still evolving, presenting challenges akin to those faced by Apple devices in the past.

MDM Alone Is Insufficient 

When managing a fleet of Android and Chrome OS devices, ensuring security and productivity presents unique challenges. How do you maintain device security even when offline? How can you ensure that each device is equipped with the necessary applications tailored to specific teams like sales, product, or engineering? How do you block unauthorized apps? How can you verify the resolution of security issues? While Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions offer a starting point, they often fall short of addressing these complex needs.

Introducing CleanMDM: Elevating Android and Chrome OS Device


Recognizing the limitations of traditional MDM solutions, we are excited to introduce CleanMDM. CleanMDM represents a paradigm shift in and Chrome OS device management, offering capabilities that extend far beyond the convenAndroid tional expectations.


Challenges in Android and Chrome OS Device Management


Similar to Google’s MDM framework, CleanMDM provides a foundation for device management through APIs. However, this framework, while robust, is not exhaustive. The diverse use cases and evolving nature of Android and Chrome OS devices demand a more dynamic and flexible solution.


Augmenting CleanMDM's Framework with a Custom Agent


To address the evolving needs of modern businesses, we have developed a proprietary Android and Chrome OS agent. This agent, installed directly on devices, complements CleanMDM’s framework with enhanced capabilities limited only by our creativity and expertise. It serves as a flexible and autonomous tool, enabling us to go above and beyond in meeting the diverse needs of organizations.


CleanMDM Features and Benefits

  • CleanMDM leverages a custom-built agent, offering a range of powerful features for Android and Chrome OS device management:
  • Custom Script Deployment: Execute custom scripts across all devices, facilitating tasks such as software uninstallation or system configurations.
  • Application Management: Gain visibility into installed applications and seamlessly deploy or block third-party apps as needed.
  • Device Activity Monitoring: Monitor device events in real-time, including app installations, security alerts, and script executions.
  • Offline Device Management: Manage devices even when offline, ensuring security measures and updates are enforced regardless of connectivity.
  • Enhanced Security: Receive alerts for security breaches and failed remediations, allowing proactive response to potential threats.
  • The CleanMDM We Wish We Had: Elevating the Android and Chrome OS Experience

CleanMDM is the culmination of our extensive experience in Android and Chrome OS device management. Drawing from years of working with leading organizations, we understand the pain points and requirements of modern businesses. CleanMDM is not just a wishlist of controls; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the unique demands of Android and Chrome OS environments.

Our Philosophy: Intelligence, Intuition, and Power


At the core of CleanMDM is a philosophy that mirrors the ethos of Google’s products: intelligence, intuition, and power. With over 150 pre-built device controls, user-friendly enrollment processes, zero-touch deployment capabilities, and a vast library of configuration settings, CleanMDM embodies the perfect balance of sophistication and simplicity.



CleanMDM represents a new era in Android and Chrome OS device management, offering a solution that is as intelligent as it is intuitive, and as powerful as it is elegant. With CleanMDM, businesses can embrace the full potential of Android and Chrome OS devices, confident in their security, efficiency, and seamless operation.