Advancing Android and Chrome OS Security and Compliance: Introducing CleanMDM

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, ensuring the security and compliance of Android and Chrome OS devices is paramount for organizations across industries. Whether aiming to meet regulatory mandates, secure critical data, or foster trust with customers, businesses require robust solutions to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity and compliance.

The Android and Chrome OS Security and Compliance Landscape


Security and compliance frameworks play a crucial role in guiding organizations toward best practices and standards for cybersecurity and data governance. While there are various frameworks available, including CIS Benchmark for Android and Chrome OS, NIST Compliance for Android and Chrome OS, and others, the challenge lies in effectively implementing and managing these controls to ensure compliance.

Challenges in Android and Chrome OS Security and Compliance

Despite the availability of comprehensive frameworks, many IT teams encounter difficulties in managing and enforcing security controls across Android and Chrome OS devices. Traditional mobile device management (MDM) solutions often lack the necessary breadth of coverage for compliance controls, leading to manual intervention and complex scripting processes to achieve and maintain compliance.

Introducing Android and Chrome OS Security and Compliance with CleanMDM


Built upon years of expertise in device management, CleanMDM offers a comprehensive solution for advancing security and compliance on Android and Chrome OS devices. By streamlining the implementation of security controls and compliance frameworks, CleanMDM simplifies the process of achieving and maintaining compliance.

Key Features of CleanMDM:

    • Pre-Built Parameters: CleanMDM boasts a library of pre-configured security controls, covering a wide range of configurations specific to Android and Chrome OS devices. From network settings to application permissions, organizations can easily enforce compliance with a single click, aligning with industry standards and regulatory requirements. 

    • Compliance Templates: CleanMDM offers pre-defined compliance templates tailored to various security frameworks, such as CIS Benchmark for Android and Chrome OS or NIST Compliance. These templates provide organizations with a structured approach to compliance, streamlining the implementation of controls and reducing manual effort. 

    • Offline Compliance Enforcement: CleanMDM features built-in capabilities for offline compliance enforcement, ensuring continuous adherence to security standards even when devices are disconnected from the network. By automating remediation processes and tracking compliance status, organizations can mitigate compliance risks effectively.
    • Auditor Access: CleanMDM facilitates efficient audits and compliance validation by providing auditors with dedicated access to compliance data. Auditors can review detailed records, compliance reports, and remediation logs, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the audit process.




CleanMDM represents a significant advancement in Android and Chrome OS security and compliance management, empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity and regulatory requirements with ease. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive feature set, and proactive compliance enforcement capabilities, CleanMDM enables organizations to strengthen their security posture and demonstrate adherence to industry standards confidently.